And now for the negative post.  I'm gonna start with last week.  Curt was gone Monday thru Thursday and for some reason it threw me a little off course.

I'm feeling super behind at work.  I had taken the previous Friday off to go on a field trip with Wynter, but because of the weather, it was canceled.  The girls only had a half day that day, so it didn't make sense to go in to work anyway.  Then Monday, Hunter had an early morning ear doc appointment at Children's, and again, by the time I got her back to Racine, it didn't make sense to go to work.

Tuesday's I'm off with Hunter.  And Wednesday, they rescheduled Wynter's field trip.  With Curt gone, my mom gone and me working ... Wynt wouldn't have anyone go to the pumpkin farm with her.  I was tempted to send Taylor along with her.  You know, since Taylor isn't enjoying school so much anyway right now.

I really struggled with going in to work or going on Wynter's field trip.  It should've been a no-brainer, but it wasn't that easy for me.  The field trip won, when the realization that in life's big picture, missing one more day of work wouldn't matter.  I was able to go on the field trip and then headed to work for a lunch meeting and some quick mail opening before I needed to leave to pick them up from school.

OH! but here's the great part ... I drop the girls at school at 8:30 and the field trip doesn't leave til 9:00.  I was going to drive Wynt down and then have her take the bus back to school, while I left right for work.  So after I drop them off and get them settled in their classes, I head back to the car to do some work {okay, okay ... catalog shopping}.  I turn on the ignition part way so that I can listen to the radio.  9:00 rolls around and I get out to go to the classroom to get Wynt and get back in the car.  I turn on the ignition and nothing.  Well, actually ... some random noise, but not the roar of the engine noise I was looking for.  Dead.  Battery ... dead.

I am so blessed to be able to call someone to have a car brought down to the pumpkin farm.  I drag my feet all the way to the bus and climb aboard.  I am not a fan of the bus.  They are bumpy.  Smelly.  And cause my motion sickness to kick into high gear.

We finally got to the pumpkin farm and it was a great time.  Curt's car was delivered and I was able to get to Milwaukee with 15 minutes to spare.

A few other things from last week ... I got stung on my foot by a hornet.  Or wasp?  It's still itchy and you can see where it stung me.  Ouch!

Another fun fact ... well, let me give you the subject line I sent to the ladies at work on Thursday morning:  "Forgot to bring the baby to school, I'll be in late."  Yeah.  Good times.

And Friday ended with me needing to let someone go from the store.  My absolutely favorite thing to do.  I'm awesome at it too.  My hands shake.  My voice shakes.  My throat is dry.  I say very unnecessary things {the term 'beating a dead horse deader' comes to mind}.  Yeah.  It was awesome.

I started out Monday having to let two more people go.  It's really for the good of the store and needed to happen, but OMGoodness, I'd just like a break.

This past weekend was pretty horrible for Taylor.  I am at a complete loss as to what I should do for her.  Mama bear wants to take the pain away, take her out of there {school} and protect her forever.  Common sense tells me, she needs to learn people will be mean her whole life and she needs to learn to overcome it.  Does anyone have an answer for me?  We sure could use some prayers.

We went to look at a different school today.  She'd go in a heartbeat if I gave her the okay.  I'm not there yet though.  It's in Kenosha and I think it would completely cause a coronary in our family.  Again, please pray.

Curt's gone again this week.  Back a day this weekend, and then gone again for a few more days. My stress level seems high.  At one point tonight, I'm sitting on the stairs holding a screaming kid {that'd be Wynter who missed a step and fell down them}, while trying to explain to another kid, how to tell an even number from an odd number.  Can I just ask ... is it purely a memorization thing, or is there a rule for even/odd numbers?  And while I'm asking ... does someone want to help with homework this week?  :)

It's late.  I'm tired.  My carpal tunnel is at an all-time high in the pain factor.  I must go.


heather said...

Okay, I can't help with much, but we were just talking about odd and even numbers and math boy (yes, that would be matt!) had a good explanation. He said if you can divide/split the number between two people and not have any left over, then it is an even number. So, in our case, it was lights to turn off (ej and jack spilt the job each night) and if they needed to turn one off together (yes, they really like turning off lights!), it was an odd number.

And Matt is always avail for math and science help...I'll take english...we're not good at history!! :-)

kris said...

hang in there tracie... i know you always have a full schedule and i'm sure its doubled when curt is gone but the important things will get done and your children will be loved and some days are just better than others. if there is anything i could ever help with just let me know i'll be thinking of you : )
i don't know how bad it is for taylor right now..but my suggestion would be to keep her where she is unless there is physical harm or threats.. it might make things worse if she transfers schools vs seeing if this situation will die down or go away all together ?