wynter's birthday {continued ...}

Just a wrap-up on Wynter's birthday.  She broke out her new #5 shirt for the day {kind of a tradition for the girls, thank you chasing fireflies!}.  She was insistent on a giant cookie and popcorn as her class treat.  And being the great mom that I am, I didn't dare try to talk her into homemade cupcakes or anything extravagant like that!  :)  But popcorn?  I'm still not sure where that came from.

So after a quick stop at the grocery store for her bday treat, we made our way into her classroom.  The teachers immediately started working on her birthday crown.  It so happens  {who knew?} that her getting-to-be a good friend, Audrey's birthday is on the same day.  Fun!

After school, we headed to the bookstore for a while, and then to Wynter's all-time favorite eatery ... Noodle's & Company.  That girl can down a bowl of mac & cheese like nobody's business!

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