it's not tuesday ...

But I got to spend the day with Hunter anyway.  Last Friday during her swimming lesson {an instructor picks her up from daycare, walks her to the pool, and drops her off when done}, her right ear started bleeding bright red blood.

The instructor called, so Curt picked her up and took her to the pediatrician right away.   The doc said she had an infection, but all else looked okay {and the bleeding had stopped by then}.

As I mentioned previously, Curt had the girls up north for the weekend ... on Saturday, he called to tell me her ear started bleeding again.  And then yesterday when they got home, she told me her ear hurt and that it was her left one.  Well ... she didn't tell me it was her left one, but that was the one she pointed to.  And then she was poking at it all night long.

I called her ENT specialist this morning on my way to work and left a message {so long that I got cut off and hadn't even left my phone number yet, so had to call back again!  crazy moms!!}.

As life would have it, I was half way to work {9:00} when they called and told me they could squeeze her in at 9:45.  I called Curt, but he was on his way to a meeting.  So I turned around and went to get her from daycare.

She was SO excited to see me ... sweet little thing ... bouncing up and down with joy!

We high-tailed it to the doctor ... ran in the door at 9:55 ... not bad timing, if I do say so myself!  Turns out all is okay.  They did a thorough examination and Hunter was a sweetie throughout ... letting them poke and prod and examine.  The tubes are pushing out a little, but nothing of concern.  Could just be the natural progression of them.  She's got an ear infection, and redness and such.  The bleeding was just the infection pushing through.

So we just need to continue with the drops her pediatrician gave us.  And the left ear she told me was hurting?  All clear!  Not sure what that was about.

Anyway, Curt met us for lunch ... we had such a fun time with that little one.  I know I'm totally biased and all ... but I just can't tell you enough how precious she is.  And in true Hunter style, once we got to lunch she downed a glass of "apple. juiwce."

She fell asleep in the car and I couldn't resist a couple photos when we pulled in the drive.  I love, love, love those little baby-curled-up-sleeping fists.  And when I brought her in the house and changed her from "undiewears" to a diaper, I told her I'd put her music on {LOUD construction = new naptime routine that includes music}, and she whispers {half-asleep}, "and. rub. my. back. too? mommy?"

I'm so in love with this little girl ...

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