fun storyboards

Back in May, my dear friend Marta, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  Before she started her chemo treatments, we decided to take some family photos.

This was before I started the serious studying of photography that I've been doing recently.  The images had turned out 'okay' {in my mind}, but before I handed them over to Marta, I wanted to make them really special.

What a dear she is for being so patient with me!  I had a one-on-one consulting session scheduled with a photographer whose work I super, duper {yes, super duper} admire, but not until September.  I knew I wanted to bring Marta's photos to see what I could do to make them 'special' ...

Jessica taught me SO much!  I seriously can not hand over a raw {sooc, straight out of camera} photo anymore.  It's a problem.  Both for my time limitations and for the serious case of carpal tunnel I've got starting.

Here are a few storyboards I put together of Marta's photos.  I framed them and gave them to her on her last day of chemo.  Needless to say she loved them!  You can view the rest of her photos here.

I love you Marta!  Thank you for waiting 5ish months for your photos!  :)

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