I am fasting today for my dear friend Lori Dyskstra.  I don't know the extent, but I know she hasn't received good news about the spread of her cancer.

If you read this and have any relationship with God ... please.  please pray for Lori.  Please pray for her pain to go away, and most importantly, please pray for her complete healing.

I know, without a shadow of doubt that my Lord can heal her.  What I don't know, is if he will heal her.  And that in itself is a struggle too big for me to explain.

Please also pray for strength for myself as I go about my day.  I am taking an anti-migraine medication that upsets a stomach if it doesn't have food in it.  I'm struggling with not taking the medication ... at the risk of a migraine.  Or taking it ... at the risk of an icky stomach.

Lots of prayers are needed today ...

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