Most of you know that I took photos at my friend's wedding on Saturday.  I can't tell you how blessed I felt to be there on her special day.  I will share more about it in a different post {when I can post some of the 1,700 photos I'm trying to sift through ... talk about overwhelming!}.

In fact, Curt's taking the girls a bath right now so that I can sort through them ... and what am I doing instead?  Procrastinating by writing a blog post!  :)

Okay, so after I get home from the wedding Saturday night, I rip into the gifts Kris gave me.  Ana was astonished that I wasn't the one getting married, but I got gifts!

Are you laughing?  Cuz Taylor & Ana couldn't stop.  This is Kris and I, circa ... maybe ... 1981??  You know ... classic middle school where you needed to dress the same {or was that just us?}.  Trisha and I had a lot of the same clothes, so Kris and I would make Trish give them to Kris so we could match.  And then this awesome 'putting-an-ornament-on-the-tree' pose really seals the deal, doesn't it?

Seriously though, the photo and frame {still friends after all these years}, meant the world to me.  {I request that you click the image to enlarge and get the full effect!}

And then yes ... here we have the rainbow and the unicorn.  Kris and I had quite the collection.  Right down to our bedding!  She said she found this and had to get it for me ... and in classic BFF style, she got one for herself too.

Thank you Kris!


heather said...

That might be my favorite picture in the world!!! :-)

Amy Schaal said...

That is awesome! I agree with Heather.

Kris said...

so it was hard finding the perfect photo for you tracie.. some of it had to do with the fact that we have so few.. you are so right when you said your girls will thank you some day for their abundance of photos because back in the "old days" not so many pics were taken.

and I must thank Trisha for being the kind sister who would always give up the matching outfits for me! Thanks Trish!

rainbows... well its a classic i searched and searched for the picture we had with our matching rainbow -3 quarter sleeve- shirts, remember those!

1700 some photos OMG!! Cant wait !

Im glad you liked your little gifts- your original BFF!

trisha said...

ok, i must say i'm very pleased to know that i got some recognition here.... sometimes giving up my outfits was not such an easy task, i think i may have been bribed for most of them.... and don't even get me talking about the outfit i had to give up for our step-sister's wedding in virgina, nor the details of our drive down there in the back of our parents pick up truck!!!!

you're very welcome kris, and huge congratulations to you!!!!