things are a changin'

For some reason today was a stressful one.  I can't even put my finger on why exactly.  Well ... I guess I could try {if you're interested} ...

I've pretty much lost my voice.  I feel pretty okay, little sore throat, but not a raging cold or anything {knock on wood}.  And today, for some reason, I've had the worst headaches that I've had in quite a few days {could be because I thought they were gone for good?}.

And I also think my thoughts are just in a million places.  {1,700 photos; packing for the lake tomorrow; work; bible study; another bible study; the barn (that's another post) and I don't know ... life?}  :)

Amy emailed and said she saw me while driving and I looked like something was wrong, so she was just checking on me.  I had to laugh and let her know that was just my 'thinking' look.  Since then, I'm catching myself with a very furrowed brow!

Okay, so anyway ... I forgot Curt had a board meeting and dinner tonight, and I was kinda planning on him taking the girls to cheer class and I'd stay home with Hunter and get the girls packed.

That didn't happen.  I also forgot Piper had daisies after school.  So ... picked up Wynter and Taylor from school.  Then drove to daycare to get Hunter.  Home for just a bit before we had to leave again.  In that time, got some things together and as we're getting ready to go out the door, I hear the strangest tinkling sound.  Kind of like water hitting the floor.  Or maybe is it pee?

Water?  Ha!  Wishful thinking.  It's pee ... quickly run and change Hunter, this time putting a diaper on her.  {and as I'm typing this, I'm realizing ... said pee never got cleaned up!}  Grab Hunter and Wynt and get them in the car.  Drive through McDonalds, get to school to pick up Piper ... serve them dinner in the car on the way to cheer.

Drop them at cheer, come home with Hunter to start packing them for tomorrow.  Beg Taylor to watch Hunter for me while I pick the other two up from cheer.

When I pick them up, Piper decides she wants her haircut.  I'm an advocate of that, and she was SO excited at the prospect ... and of course, I have plenty of time to do it ... sure, why not?

We get home just before bedtime, I quickly wash her hair, cut it, dry it, straighten it.  Talk Wynter into keeping her hair long.  Give medicine to all.  Of course, take a few photos of Piper.  Get pj's on, etc., etc. ... when finally my knight in shining armor {I mean a shiny business suit} comes walking in the door.  He talks me into letting him put them to sleep ... um yeah, like I fought him real hard on that one!

I get myself packed and then what do I do?  Run to my office to tell you all about it!  :)

Do you love Piper's hair?  Seriously, she couldn't be happier ... for now!

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heather said...

Piper looks SO grown up!!!! Tell her I think her new hair is beautiful!!

And try to relax a bit while you're at the lake, okay???