quality friend time

Saturday afternoon I headed to Fright Fest with Taylor, Ana, Brigitte & Tiffany.  It was crowded!  Crowded = No rides.

Taylor & Ana ditched us pretty quickly to do their own thing.  While Tiff and I seemed to work our way from funnel cakes, to cheese fries, to fajitas, to caramel apples.  Brig ate some too, but wasn't feeling her best.

We ended up going on one lame ride {Condor ... caww, caww ... yes, the operator actually 'cawwed' as he started our ride} and one lame show.  The effects {3D} were awesome ... the storyline?  Still not sure what it was about!

Thanks so much Brigitte and Tiffany for including us in the fun ... here's to next year!

{OH! in case you're wondering what's up with my freaky smile ... i feel inclined to share that i'm working on a new smile that doesn't cause me to close my eyes so much ... therefore showing less wrinkles around my eyes ... i think i need to keep practicing!}  :)

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