small world photography

My good friend Amy is the administrator at Small World Montessori school in Racine.  It's a fairly new position for her and she's been doing all she can to make a difference at the school.  One small difference {that we all know can make a big impact} is decorating.

So she invited me {and Hunter} to come into the school this morning to take photos of the children.

I had a great time seeing all these children and photographing them.  Thank you Amy, thank you children!  And thank you Amy, for playing with Huntie and keeping her belly full of snacks!  :)

I'm actually going to lay down for a nap {something I never, ever am able to do anymore} ... I think it will help keep hunger pangs away as well!  :)

But I first wanted to post a few photos from this morning.


Amy Schaal said...

Thank you Trac! We had so much fun with you! You are the best.

heather said...

So cute!!! Lots of really cute kiddos at that school! :-)

Brigitte Short said...

Love the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest.