done! {hallelujah}

I am done weeding through the wedding photos!!  Woo-hoo!  I have 720 saved and will start editing them soon.  As I was going through, there were quite a few that I knew couldn't be saved {bad lighting, blurred, etc.} ... and then there were a few that had to be saved.  I'd pull them out of the bunch and give it my best shot.  Here are a couple of those shots ... and then one of Kris and I ...

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kris said...

love it love it love it !!! thank you !!

they look beautiful... I love the one of you and I... i'm glad you turned it b@w for some reason i just don't think I looked as good as your photo makes me look by this time of the night.. a new photo for our collection! : )

I love the way the sun is hitting on the bridge pic so lovely and soft... i just can't say thank you enough