update on lori

I can't thank you enough for the prayers yesterday.  I honestly know they got me through the day.  I did take my migraine meds and was headache and upset stomach free all day.

I would get hungry, but the best part about that is every time a hunger pang hit, I would pray for my dear friend.

This is Lori's latest entry in her journal:
Just wanted to let you all know that I received my latest MRI results this week. Not too much to tell except that they confirmed what Dr. Loehrer had found in the CT. The cancer has metastisized to the spine. In all honesty, it really threw me for a day or so as I guess I just thought it was in 2 spots, the one we radiated last summer and this new spot. But the scan showed it's all over the spine and has moved into the bone. We really need to pray! I know you are all probably thinking, "WE ARE!" It's just that I don't know what else to do. Anyway, I am doing better now and feeling like, with God's strength, I can handle this.One good thing is that this time, the cancer is not in the spinal canal like it was this summer, so there is no risk of paralysis. Also, after meeting with my Radiation Oncologist this week, he told me he was very surprised to see that the tumor this summer showed a "slight decrease". I didn't think that sounded too great, but he said he expected, at best, to find that it had just not grown, but the fact that it shrunk, even slightly, was very surprising. Of course, we all know that was the work of our Lord, so it's not surprising to us! So even in the midst of some really bad news, there are praise reports and evidence that God is hearing our prayers. I thank you all for continuing to cover us in prayer. This is so much bigger than us, there is no way out except that God move on our behalf. Your prayers are so very important. Thank you.  With Love...

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