our saturday {told via iphone photos}

Let's see ... Curt took the girls to McDonalds in the morning, while I stayed home and panicked over birthday gifts for the weekend.  And I also took Taylor & Ana to the school to catch a bus headed to Six Flags for Frightfest.

When Curt and the girls got home, we turned around to bring the girls to an art class at the Wustum Art Musuem in Racine.  Exhibits below:

After dropping Piper and Wynter at the art class ... Curt, Hunter and I headed to the bookstore for some browsing.  And then a quick trip to Starbucks.  Exhibit below:

After Starbucks, we picked up Piper & Wynter, took a quick drive through McDonalds for lunch, dropped Curt at the house to put Hunter down for her nap ... while I took Piper & Wynter to Swan's Pumpkin Farm, where Piper had a birthday party to attend.

Wynter and I headed home to finish up Cameron's birthday gift before she needed to get to his party.  Curt took Wynter to Cameron's, while I stayed home with Hunter {who was sleeping}.  Wynter's party started at 2:30, and then Curt was supposed to swing by Piper's party to pick her up {it ended at 3:00} ... so when he walked in the door at 3:00, I thought something was up.

He forgot to get Piper.  So he high-tailed it to get Piper.  When they got home, I played a bit with the girls and we started talking about dinner.  I thought Wynter's party went until 5ish, so we weren't sure how to handle dinner {we are on the early Racine dinner plan}.

I ran upstairs to check my calendar ... 5:30 was the end time of the party.  So Curt, Piper, Hunter and I headed to Jose's for an early dinner and then we'd go get Wynter.

Had a great dinner {nice small group of 4!} and made it to Wynter's party a little early 5:20.  But if we were early, why was Wynter in Cameron's car {with dad} waiting for us?

"Oh no!  Did the party end at 5:00?" I asked the dad.  He looks me dead in the eyes and says, "4:30."  Yikers ... didn't see that one coming!

We felt absolutely horrible!  Horrible!!

When we got home, we decided to have a little outdoor playtime.  You know, to really get those noses running good!  :)

Exhibits below:

I love that we can still get her to 'smile' ...

Piper jumping off hay bales ...

Wynter climbing trees ...

Yeah, and okay ... about that party pick-up, mis-hap?  Piper had been invited to two parties on Saturday {and two more today}, but because they overlapped, she had to pick one.  The one she didn't pick was from 2:30-5:30, which was the one I looked at when I ran to look at my calendar.

My calendar has a slot to write in each kid's schedule.  Wynter's schedule clearly stated 2:30-4:30 ... my bad!

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