another family session

I took photos this afternoon of my good friend Lisa and her family.  I'd been nervous and constantly thinking about what I would have this family do.  The kids are grown and not as easy to 'play cute.'  The upside is that everyone will look and smile at the same time!

Okay, so this photo?  This young man is 17 and pretty much wanted nothing to do with getting his photos taken.  I'd have to sort of coerce him into a position and beg him to 'act' like he belonged to his family.  Geesh, teenage boys!

Anyway, so in this photo ... I'd had Marissa and Cameron sitting together.  Asking Cameron to try to look like it was a photo with two people in it ... not a self-portrait.  I asked Marissa if she could rest her head on Cameron's shoulder.  He's like "not cool, not cool."  She did it.  I got the shot!  Love it!  The pure anguish of sisterly love!  :)

Seriously though, I've known this family for years ... they are loving, caring and a blessing to be around.


heather said...

Sounds like quite a challenge...but I LOVE this photo!!!!

I'm dying to see the whole fam!! :-)

Brigitte Short said...

This is a great picture of them!! Definitely a keeper. Although now he probably wishes he had smiled for the camera :)