I don't want to be a big whiner about the million {written in a dramatic, whiney tone ... maybe for effect, add an eye-roll} things I have to do, because I know we all have a 'million' things we need to accomplish.  But for some reason, I can't get my act together and get them done!

I need to get a blog post written for work, but am feeling completely uninspired and wiped.  I want to get to the wedding photos {update: i've only got 263 left to go through, then i can start editing}.  I want to get to the Short family's photos {which i shot while we were up at the lake}.  I need & want to finish the bible study for tomorrow.  And then a variety of other need to's ...

But what am I doing instead?  Procrastinating.

I'm a master at that ...

And besides all that, I know that you all need to hear about my day with Hunter.  :)

After we dropped the girls at school and a quick trip to the grocery store this morning, we headed to Mayfair to pick out some stuff for the new addition.  Then a trip to Hunter's favorite store ... no, not Build-A-Bear ... Stride Rite!  This girl loves shoes.  She spends hours {well, not hours} trying on all her sisters shoes.

She was SO adorable sitting with the sales lady telling her all about what she liked and didn't like in a shoe.  She was also careful to point out her new 'socks' {tights}.

Curt got her up from her nap this afternoon and played with her a bit {the girls are staying late at school today}, so I hadn't seen her ... she just comes up to the office and has a new outfit on.  I asked where her other pretty dress was and she informed me she 'peed' on it.  But was proudly sportin' a new 'pwetty dress' ... complete with new 'socks' and her new shoes!

I've said it before, but I love this baby!  And P.S. ... bear with me, I think I'll be calling her 'baby' for many years to come!

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heather said...

She'll be one of those kids who is still "baby" when she's all grown up!! :-)