what's your play?

So ... there’s a blog I read that offers almost daily photography tips.  What I love is that she spells out exactly what camera settings she used to take the photos she features.

She has this thing each week {Tuesday’s} where she posts a photo and then asks you to ‘play’ with it and then send her your submissions.  Of course, I procrastinated on this one too.  The different types of things you can do with photos are so subjective, and I guess I haven’t quite come up with my own style yet ... so wasn’t sure which one would be the {perfect ... sorry} entry.  What did I do?  I went overboard!  I submitted 17ish photos!  But apparently she liked them.  Here’s a link to the results from last week {she used 3 of mine!! ... they’re the last ones in the slideshow series}.

Okay, and because I’m retarded, here’s an email I got from her that I was excited about:

Hi Tracie!

Wow!  Great work!  I love the site as well.  I love the colours on 4, the glow in 10 is great, nice texture on 14, the bright colours on 15 are beautiful and yet the muted colours on 16 is just as gorgeous.  17 has a nice 'aged' feel to it.  And your faves certainly bring attention to her and her shadow.  :)

They're all so great!  Thank you so much for playing!  I hope you'll continue to participate!

And I do realize that she’s just a normal person like me and apparently very nice ... but still ... I love how people can make connections like this with people they’ve never met and also learn something about yourself, your hobby, who you want to be, etc.

And speaking of being who you want to be ... I have a long post I seem to be writing in my head {actually, that the Lord is writing in my head} that I will sit down and work on at some point.  And to this point, I read this this morning, which I believe is the Lord speaking to me louder and louder.  I know it’s a long one {the link}, but please take some time to read it, or go back to it when you can.

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