who loves ya baby?

We did it!!!  Team Marta ... Marta’s girls!  We did it for you baby!

I had not been training ... at all!  So after much, much thought and careful consideration, I decided it was best to back out of the race.  However ... Terrie came up with a great idea ... we’ll do a relay!  YES!  I can do a relay {with some prayer!}.  I was going to do the swim, Sue was doing the bike and Terrie was going to do the run.

We went Saturday morning to get all checked in and re-register as a relay team.  Terrie and I talked and decided to switch events.  She’s a stronger swimmer and I {when training} am a stronger runner.  Our competitive juices for some reason kicked in and suddenly we were thinking of getting the best time.  Kinda crazy considering the lack of training!

Well, the results are in and we placed 1392 out of 3650 participants and finished in 1:44:27.

For my run ... I was able to run 1.25 miles, walked the 2nd mile, ran the 3rd mile and still made it in 35 minutes {11 minute mile pace} ... not bad for a girl who hasn’t run basically since April!  {at least in my book}  :)

Marta, you were my inspiration and kept me going through that run.  I think I can speak for the others when I say you were ‘whispering’ to them too.  Thank you for your endurance, inspiration and spirit!

Click here to for photos.

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