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Just some rambling thoughts, and no photo to go with it.  What I would love, but too shy to ask for is a photo taken last night with my beautiful friend Marta {tears starting} ...

I know most of you know, what an amazing woman she is, and I guess I’m crying right now hating the fact that she has to go through this.  But man, if anyone has to, I guess it should be someone with a spirit as bright as hers.

Marta texted me yesterday on their way home from the Dells ... “r u working tomorrow?  most of my hair has fallen out in the last 2 days.  it’s time 2 shave it off.  it looks terrible.  i understand if u r busy.”  Seriously Marta?  I will be there in a heartbeat.

I called her back and asked how she was.  “Fabulous” was her reply ... “I feel great!”  I asked about her hair.  “I’m doing okay with it!” she says in her awesome Marta spirit {she should patent that!} ... not down, or sad ... but with an exclamation point!

So I went last night.  I was going to go with her to this class where they teach you about make-up, putting on your wig, scarves, etc. ... but I had it scheduled on the wrong night and it ended up being last night.  I had a dinner with my long-lost cousin and sister last night after work, and my cousin is moving so I couldn’t reschedule.

So I went to Marta’s last night after my dinner and her class.  I got there about 8, clipper in hand {thank you Heather}.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I don’t know why I’m crying again ... but she is just so awesome ... in every definition of the word, not just slang.  Marta. Is. Awesome.

The girls are all bubbly and happy ... Marina has this awesome rat’s nest in the back of her hair after a long car ride in a car seat {sorry, Marta, I just loved it!}.  We chat and then she says “are you ready?” and takes off her baseball cap.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it wasn’t something I wanted to see from my friend.  You know?

So she sits down, we get ready.  Bailee has the broom.  Jim has the camera.  And Marina and rat’s nest are standing by for moral support.  :)

I cut it down real short first and then we take the clippers to it.  The girls are asking why I’m cutting it so short and Marta answers them beautifully and with love.  And let’s just say when I was done, I asked Jim what branch of the service we should enlist her in.  But you know what {big tears now} ... Marta is beautiful!  Those big, bright eyes ... you can see her spirit shining through them.  I love you Marta.

And for some rambling.  I got home just after 9 and couldn’t reach Taylor anywhere.  She had gone to a friends, but wasn’t sure if she was spending the night yet.  She texted at 8:46 ... how is it I can’t reach her now?  I was planning on slithering right to bed when I got home, and now uncertain of what her plans are.  I called the house where she was supposed to be ... “oh, they’ll be back from the movie shortly.”  WHAT?!?  Taylor did not ask me if she could go to a movie.  She finally called back, I yelled, she said she was sorry. I yelled, she said she was sorry. I yelled, she said she was sorry.  I said I forgave her.  She asked if I really meant it.  I said no.  She said she was sorry.   I said I forgave her.  She asked if I really meant it.  I said no {but with a smile}.  She said she was sorry.   I said I forgave her.  She asked if I really meant it.  I said I’m not sure ... well, you get the picture.  By the time we got off the phone, I had forgiven her.

My point to her was that if she can’t know better {and I know she does know better!!} to call me and ask permission to go to a movie {she knows I want to know where she is at all times, in case of emergency, etc., etc. blah, blah, blah ... yeah, all the things my mom used to tell me ... I’m there in my life right now}.  But seriously!  I need to know she will make the right choices when it comes to bigger things and I need to groom her for that now {tears again}.  She, of course, said she ‘got it’ and was truly sorry.  And honestly, I just wanted to get to bed, so caved and let her sleep over.  Why can’t raising children be easy?

{Side Bar} You know what was so great?  After I finished my run on Sunday, Taylor was sitting along the grass near the finish line.  I just happened to see her out of the corner of my eye {she was texting ... of course!  and had her head down}.  I yelled “TAY” ... she looked up ... huge smile ... got up and started running in the grass along side me.  Then she got to the finish line and was waiting for me with a huge smile and hug.  It was an awesome moment for me.

But anyway.

Slowly though the day yesterday, my legs stopped functioning {result of no training and trying to run 3 miles}.  By night time, I was having trouble walking.  I finally got to bed last night and wake up to child saying “I wet the bed” at midnight.  “Wynter?” I say.  And try to get up.  No, it’s Piper {I should’ve known, as Wynter has a camel’s bladder}.  So I go to find her a blanket to put down on the wet spot.  Of course she’s in the top bunk and my legs aren’t functioning ... I seriously thought I was going to fall off that ladder!  I get her all snug {all snug as you can be on top of a wet bed}, and hobble back to my own bed.  Shortly after I’ve fallen back to sleep ... “maaaama ... maaama” ... it’s the baby.  Remember, we’ve got the three of them in one room now.  I go in and am hit with the pungent {but somehow sweet} smell of baby urine {maybe TMI, but I know you moms can relate}.  I pick up that sweet smelling baby {who I hadn’t seen all day} and love her like there’s no tomorrow.  I realized I must have been squeezing pretty hard when I felt her suddenly give me the hugest squeeze.  Oh, I wish I could bottle that.

I get her all set and stumble once again to bed.  I’m exhausted.  I know morning will be here all too soon.  I’m aching {I must have also been running with my shoulders in my ears, as they hurt beyond belief}.  I say a prayer and ask for strength, restoration of my body, {sleep!} ... when I’m suddenly reminded {thank you Lord for speaking to me} of the reason why my body is broken right now.  And for who my body is broken right now ...

And that brings me full circle in this post {for those of you that are still reading} ... Marta, you are one amazing woman.  I pray everyday, in the morning and at night before I go to bed {and sometimes when I’m driving or think of you through the day} that the Lord stay with you.  That he give you strength.  That he keeps your spirit strong.  You are an amazing testament to him Marta and what he can do when someone believes and stays strong.  I pray that others watching you go through this season, see that you are a testimony to Him and his great love.

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