holding hands

Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of love when you hold someone’s hand?  Especially when it’s a chubby, dimpled baby hand that feels so fragile and small in your much larger {wrinkled} adult hand?

Wynter grabbed my hand today as we were walking to the elevator in our hotel.  She wasn’t particularly happy about something and came to grab my hand for reassurance.  I held tight to that little hand {that still is babyish with the dimples and all} ... and felt the need to protect it.

I love when I put Hunter to bed at night and I ask, “Mama love?” and she throws her baby arms around me and squeezes me tight.

When we arrived in Rome and took our nap first thing, I had Wynter and Piper sleeping with me.  Wynter kept putting her arm around and over my back and it was the most precious feeling to me.

Taylor and I have taken a few walks together, or even as we’re just touring the sights and are walking next to each other, we instinctively take each other’s hands ... it feels so good to me ... that connection we have through holding hands.

And why is it that my heart fills with joy when I see my children holding each other’s hands?

I finally have our photos ready ... click here to see.  I am running out of space on my computer, so not sure if I will be able to post anything from Paris.  We leave tomorrow night and will be taking the overnight train to arrive Paris in the morning.  The girls are too excited!

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