amazing photoshoot

Well ... at least I think so.  Forgive me, I’m partial because it’s my shoot and my kids!  :)

I bought these dresses a few weeks ago and figured I’d use them when I have photos taken of the girls this year.  After I watched this amazing, instructional photography dvd last night {should I have had more commas in that sentence?}, I was encouraged to take some photos myself.  So when Curt left for a meeting this morning, I quickly put the kids in their dresses and took them outside for some playtime.  I only wish miss teenager could’ve joined us ... but she probably would have my head if I seriously woke her to get photos taken {and dress in something to coordinate with sisters, not to mention she’d have to do her hair, makeup and I didn’t have a whole lotta time to wait}.

I realize I have way too many shots of the back of Hunter and bear with me on the little ‘detail’ shots ... it’s one of the things mentioned in the dvd ... pay close attention to the details.  When you & your family look back on your photos, you’ll take great pleasure in the details.  Remember the little dimpled hands?  The dirty feet?  The way Hunter carried this flower around with her from the front of the house to the back, every so often stopping to give me a petal?  The way Piper would not stop playing with the dog?  Or when she and Wynter climbed to the top of the rock and threw the toy for Pebbles to catch and made Hunter chase the dog, retrieve the toy and bring it back to Piper {reminds me of something Taylor would make Piper do ... see?  They do pay attention!}?  The back of those amazing dresses?  Okay, you get the point ... so stay patient as you look at the photos.

The other important thing I learned was to not make them all smile and look at the camera {much relief, because do you have any idea how difficult that is???}.  And also know that many a moment is broken, when you ask a child to look up and “say cheese.”  I really had a great time just letting them play and do what they wanted.  And they were equally cooperative letting me shoot away because I wasn’t demanding smiles from them.

Oh!  And looking at the photos makes me think we need to get a little sun on that baby!  Compared to her sisters, it looks like she hasn’t seen the light of day!  :)

Click here for photos.

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