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I love this guy ...

I ran into my friend Amy today at Racine’s Sprint Triathlon, and affectionately referred to Curt as ‘my dork.’  And then proceeded to tell her some stories about him ... let’s see ...

There was the time a couple of months ago when he did the Miller Ride for the Arts {bike ride} and one of the crossing guards yelled to him that he had his bike helmet on backwards.  Also on that ride, he wore a pair of sweats ... he biked 50 miles in sweats!  He came home and said he’d never do that again {ride in sweats, and I won’t lay those details out here} and that he thought bike shorts ‘were just for show ... didn’t realize they had a purpose.’

Today when I caught up with him and saw his goggles, I asked incredulously, “Are those Piper’s goggles?!?”  No, he bought them brand new ... from the same place he gets the girls goggles.  When he came in from his practice swim {and I’m giggling as I write this}, he didn’t understand why they were leaking ... turns out he needed them tight against his skin {for a seal} not against the swim cap.

A big thanks to Jon for watching out for him today!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking throughout the day that I may have disrespected him {to Amy} by calling him a dork.  But as I thought about it through the day {probably much too often}, I realized that it’s those traits that I love about him.  He is a dork.  He often has his shirt on backwards, his jean pockets sticking out, a sticker for a new clothing item still attached and really the list goes on.

What I love is that these are things that I know about him, that others don’t.  These are the things that make him {keep him} normal.  He is a great guy with many quirks that remind me of how much I love him.

I’ll keep the quirks that drive me insane to myself!  :)

Curt did an awesome job today!!  I am so incredibly proud of him.  He did virtually NO training.  The Miller Ride was his bike training {only that ride too, no training for that ride} and he did no swim training.  He does run at least two miles a day, and also recently finished the Wooden Spoon Challenge ... but other than that no training.  My natural athlete finished in 01:28:17!!!

I’m SO proud of you Curt!!  Tony & Jon did an awesome job too ... way to go guys!

Click here for photos from today.

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