hotel ritz

I don’t usually talk about where we stay, etc., but this particular hotel has my interest peaked ...

When we got to the hotel, there were tourists trying to take pictures {of the hotel}, but were ushered away.  Taylor tried to take pictures in the lobby, but we were asked to put the camera away.  Later told it’s for the privacy of the guests, but if no one is around then she could take a photo.

In doing some research, I found this is the hotel that Princess Diana stayed at the night she died.  Wikipedia has some interesting information if you care to check it out.

Okay, now for some E! News ... We were over at the little festival near our hotel the night we arrived and I noticed a woman who looked very recognizable to me, but also very normal.  I finally asked Odinn if it was Sophia Coppola ... he said he’d been looking too and he thinks it was.  Man, I wish I had got a casual shot of my ‘family’!!  Missed opportunity.

So the next afternoon we go down to the swimming pool and who do we see but Sophia and her family.  I run back up to the room to get my camera, so I can get that shot of my ‘family,’ but as I’m getting back to the pool area, I get stopped and they take my camera!  No pictures allowed.  I was outraged!  How am I supposed to document our family vacation properly if I can’t take photos of them swimming?  :)

It really was pretty cool though ... her boyfriend, daughter, an older child {girl} that my girls were swimming with, and an entourage of grandparents {it seemed}.  The older child isn’t hers, and I still can’t figure out {not that I’m obsessing  with it or anything, although I slightly am} who she is or if she was with them.  Anyway, my girls were swimming with her and we were all in the pool.  Sophia came over with her little girl and introduced the little girl, Romy and asked where we were from.  Curt was privy to this convo, as I was a tad out of reach and didn’t want to make a desperate bee line to where they were.  Gotta play it cool ...

Curt tells her Wisconsin and asks where they’re from, California is the reply.  Of course, I’ve learned to never tell Curt when there is a celebrity around, or anything that needs discreetness ... definitely not his strong point {case proven when we got up to our room and I finally told him who she was ... WHAT?!?  WHO?!?}.  She notes that we have four girls.  I casually wave to the little girl from afar and get a sweet smile, all the while I’m trying to play it cool.

Mom, if you’re reading this, you may wonder who Sophia Coppola is ... click here for some info. :)

Anyway, that night ... Odinn saw Chevy Chase in the lobby!  Pretty cool, huh?

I have the rest of our Paris photos up.

But right now I’m in the process of trying to get 3 girls to bed, one of which has apparently learned to crawl out of her crib {let’s hope she doesn’t take this trick home with her!} ... so gotta run!

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