glamourous train ride?

Who thought it would be a good idea to take an overnight train ride to Paris?  Not quite as glamourous as I remembered!

We were a tad crowded with all our luggage and carry-on bags.  Wynter was supposed to sleep with Dad, but she wanted nothing to do with him, instead wanting to sleep with Tay-Tay in the cool cabin.  So we switched it up and Wynter slept with me {Hunter with Dad}.  We kept the door between our cabins open, so we could see each other and do a little rendition of good-night John-boy.

We had gone to dinner in the dining car ... we were talking that up big time to the girls ... it turned out to not be as cool as I remembered.  But then as I saw younger passengers {students most likely} coming through to buy a “snack” to bring back to their cabins, I remembered what it was like to do that and look with envy amongst the people that got to dine in the dining car.  We need to remember to be thankful, right?

So after a loud, obnoxious dinner {my kids}, we went back to our cabin to get pj’s on and settle in for bed.  After a movie {thank God for ipods}, we said good-night.

I felt every stop, every turn, every slow down, every bump and woke up with a train-ride hangover!  Only to find out we were delayed for some reason and would be getting in almost two hours later than planned.

When we finally arrived in Paris, it was raining ... and cold.  It’s about 30 degrees colder here than in Rome.

Just before we got in to Paris, Hunter was complaining of a stomach ache and started to throw up ... after I did the mom hands “I’ll catch it” move, nothing came out.  Just then Wynter started complaining she needed to throw up.  By then we found a plastic bag, so gave it to her and yeah, she did.

When we got in, we all piled into this “thing” they use as an SUV {stroller was between the driver and Curt in the front seat}.  Wynter was on Odinn’s lap in the back seat.  We’re almost to our hotel and Odinn’s yelling that Wynter is throwing up ... everywhere!  We pull over to the side of the road, I change her clothes, give her my sweater, hop in the back seat to sit in the puke and off we go ... ahhh, the joys of motherhood {brotherhood} and travel!

We’re having a good time though and I’ll write more later.

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