happy anniversary

Curt just celebrated his 25th anniversary with ‘the company.’  25 years ... wow!  I can’t resist to add that I was only 14, 25 years ago.  Weird ...

Anyway, JDI was having a big company-wide meeting Tuesday afternoon, so the girls and I surprised him at the meeting to present him with his 25 year pin, a certificate and a lunch coupon that each employee receives on their anniversary.

The company loved it and Curt always enjoys seeing his little girls.  They were pretty cute giving him the awards.  Hunter got up and gave him the certificate right in the middle of the CEO talking about Curt’s tenure ... cute!  Oh!  And Wynter freaked out and wouldn’t give him anything and ended up hiding on my lap.

Here’s an email Curt received from someone:

Curt - 

It was wonderful to see your beautiful daughters and wife here to recognize and celebrate your 25 years of service!  You are a very lucky man!  While you may have preferred not to have all that attention, I do believe it is a great thing for our employees to share in this special moment.  Celebrations are good!  Thank you for your stewardship!  I am excited by our opportunities, especially after 10 profitable quarters in a row! 

Be well.

Curt always has a hard time thinking that the company or people in Racine are interested in seeing this type of stuff.  But I think they are ... I think they miss Sam and that they enjoy seeing how his family is moving on and staying connected to the community.

Congratulations Curt ... I love you.

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