remember fireflies?

The other night we went firefly hunting.  Remember doing that as a kid?  I do ... My aunt Mary lived on a large piece of property and we used to spend a lot of time there.  The good ol’ days where the grown-ups were inside completely oblivious to what their children were up to outside {or so it seemed to our innocent, youthful minds ... I think we know better now that we’re grown!}.  Those were also the days where you could leave your kids to wander for hours outside without cellphones, rides, or constantly checking in.  They were also the days when kids wanted to be outside without cellphones, rides or constantly checking in.

Anyway, I do remember being outside for hours at night catching fireflies ... putting them in our glass jars and watching them glow {were there no mosquitoes back then?}.

So the other night, Curt says to the girls ... “wanna catch fireflies tonight?”  I didn’t think much of it and thought it would be fun for them.  I’ve been in the middle of watching a series of seminars with Taylor, Ana and Sue regarding purity, as the girls would like purity rings {and okay, I realize this is a whole other post ...}

When we were done and it was 8:30, Piper & Wynter were not put to bed and I got a tad on the frustrated side {read a whole lotta frustration}.  I tend to be too much of a stickler for a regular bedtime, although I do think I’ve relaxed a bit about it this summer ... but 8:30?  Dad was nowhere in sight and I was upset.  Then I remembered firefly hunting.  OH!  That’s why they are up late.  It’s not completely dark, but let’s get out there and get this over with, it’s getting late and we’ll have crabby girls tomorrow.  As I tensely relayed this to Curt, he’s telling me the fireflies aren’t out yet.  “They must be,” I replied and grabbed my camera as I ushered the girls out.  Curt had everything ready to go: gallon of Off?  Check.  Nets?  Check.  Glass jars?  Check.

After dousing the kids in Off, they each grabbed a net and started the hunt.  I started taking some pictures, engrossed in my photography ... when I suddenly found myself a little girl again chasing after the fireflies and getting them into the girls jars.  It was amazing.  I just don’t do that enough ... step back and allow life to happen ... with me in it.

The girls went to bed that night with their glowing jars of flies safely tucked in beside them ... sigh ...

Once again, I just can’t thank Curt enough for being this father that comes up with these adventures for our girls.  I would never have done this for them.  It breaks every rule I try to enforce.  And that makes me think ... I really need to start breaking the rules, don’t I?

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