good-bye europe

Some final musings from our trip:

curt is a germaphobic.

hunter’s convinced swiper is hiding in the trees {dora the explorer}.

i like crepes. with sugar. and whipped cream.  a lot.

the girls are obsessed with graffiti {and how people can be so naughty}.

my kids behave for ice cream.

don’t count on weather.com for a 10 day forecast.

when hunter plays with a toy phone, she thinks granny is on the other end.

hunter isn’t getting rid of her nukies anytime soon.

boys look at taylor.

i like to eat. a lot.

hunter has grandsam’s eyes.

my girls like roller coasters.

my girls like souvenirs.

french women are thin.

curt does have patience.

piper loves mrs. steig.

most tourists use canon cameras.

german kids talk loudly.

taylor’s obsessed with the jonas brothers.

if you lose a baby, look at the carousel.

another word for elephant is pachyGerm.

wynter lost interest in layering.

sometimes i pretend i’m katie holmes, and hunter is baby suri. {yes, i’m that lame!}

curt is obsessed with hand sanitizer.

my girls like to kiss each other.

i love to travel with my family.

french people are nicer than italian people.

the girls love odinn.

wynter needs new sparkly shoes {hers are worn thin}.

my girls love each other.

my girls don’t always like each other.

my kids travel well.

i love them more than anything.

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