life happens

Some ramblings on what’s been happening in our life over the last week or so:

still struggling to find a balance between work/home {wanting desperately to be home with the kids for the summer}

piper swam in her first meet on tuesday {will do separate post on that}

i’ve been identity thefted!  someone got a hold of my cc # and has been having fun with it.

oh the joys of changing my new cc number on all the zillions of sites i store it on ... because i shop online a. lot!

hmm ... maybe that’s why i was thefted?  i’m not afraid of them, they can’t scare me out of convenient shopping

if you look closely at the photo above you will see a hunk of puke in hunter’s hair ... yes, i said puke

it was a good 2x2 inch of puke {photo below}, and i left it in for an hour or so until i was able to take them all a shower with me

hunter woke up 4 times the previous night, but couldn’t tell me what was wrong.  i figured it out when i found her in a pile of puke in the morning ... i love being a mom

we saw batman last night.  somehow voyeuristic to watch heath ledger in this freaky role, knowing he’s no longer with us

i was at the grocery store yesterday {with 3 kids, i forgot how much fun that was} and taylor called just as i’m trying to get a cart, corral three kids, and stay out of an old lady’s way.  wanted to know if a friend could come over.  “no,” i say.  “why,” she asks as i’m balancing the phone on my shoulder ...

did i mention i just got the new {very slippery} iphone?

SMACK ... it’s on the ground.

i pick it up ... the face of it is apparently made of glass {brilliant move steve jobs!} and it’s shattered.

i ever so carefully call her back, because if i put the phone to my face, i’ll cut myself.

and what do i do?  i start yelling in my most awesome mother voice ever “if i say no, i mean no.  i’m balancing 3 kids here, trying to get a cart, and i dropped my phone.”  {basically saying it’s “all your fault”}

said kid sends me pathetic {read = i’m pathetic with my ranting} text saying she’s sorry for being a bad kid and she wishes she were better and i should’ve just said “taylor, i can’t talk right now, i’ll call you back.”

gee, why didn’t i think of that??

i get home and go upstairs and apologize

and yes ... friend did come over

my back is extremely sore

i’ve started running ... i want to get strong and i thought if i start exercising, i’ll get some energy and get strong ... after all,  it’s a catch 22 isn’t it?

apparently, it’s not working for me

in a matter of 15 minutes on tuesday, i managed to almost run into my mom, our barn manager {who’s living in our apartment} and a deer ... in my driveway

that’s all the randomness i have for now.  i must shower and get to work.

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