what an awesome night!

Since the day I heard Sex and the City: the movie, would be released May 30 I was all over it!  I *knew* I was going to have a party.  And party we did!

I sent out 20 invitations {cute box with invite, click flick kleenexes and a bag of popcorn} and 17 responded with an enthusiastic YES!  After literally months of going back and forth with the theatre I wanted the private party at, they finally said we could do it ... iPic, were we come!

Most of us gathered at my home and took a limo coach to Bayshore, where Heather and Nellie met us.  We had a little situ with the bus door opening on us, but given we had sweat rolling down our bosom, it made for a great cooling mechanism.  We cranked the newly released soundtrack, cracked open the champagne and settled in for a great ride ... just the start of a great evening!

We arrived at the iPic, headed to our private reception, complete with yummy food and even yummier {read potent} cosmos!

Time for the movie and we were ushered into our private theatre where more cosmos were awaitin’!  It was a good thing we were alone in the theatre ... what with all our dancing, yelling, clapping, spilling and party shenanigans!

Thank you iPic staff for your patience and great service.  Thank you friends for sharing the evening with me and thank you God for blessing me to be able to spoil my friends!

Click here for photos from the evening.

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