a boy grows up

This image brings tears to my eyes.  This is a mom who spent the last 19 years devoted to this boy, this man.  This is a mom who’s spent the last three or four years completely torn up over who this boy would become.  This is a mom who spent the last six weeks, sleepless, lonely and full of wondering.  This is a mom who is ecstatic to finally see her son, her soldier.  This mom is my sister.  The boy?  My hero.

Brett graduated from his Army basic training on Thursday, June 5 at Fort Knox, KY.  On Friday morning, he took a bus {with many other soldiers} to Aberdeen, MD where he’ll spend the next 11 weeks being trained in Utilities Repair.  At this point, we don’t know where he will go after that, but he does have a three year commitment.

We flew out at 4:15 am, for his ceremony in Kentucky at 8:00.  Then we had the whole day to spend with him.  We went to lunch, shopping, a movie.  We hung out.  We visited the Patton Military museum.

I can’t explain the overwhelming feelings of joy and pride I had while watching this boy I knew, suddenly become a man.  A well mannered, polite and loving man.

Trish?  You’ve done good.  Your perseverance with this teenage boy paid off.  Your unconditional love paid off.  Your faith in this boy you call son, paid off.  Your sleepless nights, paid off.  Years of worry, paid off.  You have much to be proud of.  I have no doubt Brett will do great things.

Click here to see photos from the day.

Click here to see a movie I put together for Trisha when Brett left for basic training.

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