wooden spoon

Curt, Odinn, and Jon {Dudley} are over surviving over 1,000 miles of driving and climbing 4 of the tallest peaks in the UK, Scotland and Wales done in 3 days.  The challenge is called the Wooden Spoon and supports disadvantaged children in the UK.  Read more about the organization and event here.

Following are a few notes Curt’s sent me:

June 24 - Thank you guys for your support.. I really appreciate it ... the children of Britain thank you as well! We all arrived this afternoon and so got a first hand view of the tallest mountain in scotland... we are going to die.

June 24 - we had a flawless trip. 90 minute plane  to Glasgow and 3 hours by car up into the scottish highlands..man its gorgeous up here. However, cold and rainy. snow on the tops of the mountains..which are  much steeper and higher (and more slippery) than I ever thought....  OH MY ..THIS IS GOING TO BE TOUGH 

June 25 - We had a classic Scottish meal last night  and did a 3 1/2 hour practice hike halfway up the back side of Ben Nevis (the largest mountain in the UK) with the JD Engineering team this morning.. got rained on for the last 30.. tomorrow the frontal assault for leg one of the race.... 

Click here for more photos.

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