she made the swim team!!

I was at work, so couldn’t be at the swim team try-outs...here’s an email Curt sent me:

They joined the team for the opening exercises and introductions... they wouldn’t talk...too shy..  With Christina swimming along side piper (wouldn’t do it on her own)  made the free style length (its LONG!) with flying colors and then barely passed the back stroke..so SHE IS ON THE TEAM! and the youngest member! there is one 7 year old.    10:30 tomorrow is her first practice. 

Wynter did great.. chuck actually thought she was 6 ...  She made the crawl (I didn’t think she would be able to do it) length but then didn’t want to do the back stroke... chuck said her back stroke would have had to have been pretty good for her to make the team because she barely made the crawl.

Piper, I am SO proud of you!! {and Wynt, you too for trying}  I truly wish I could’ve been there.

So, Piper had practice yesterday and when I got home last night from work {Curt’s traveling and granny was with them for the day}, Piper was so excited to tell me she won a breathing contest.  She had to do handstands and see who could stay under the water the longest and she won!

I asked her if she knew whose lungs she had.  Whose?  And what are lungs?  {after a quick lung function explanation} I told her she had daddy’s lungs ... he can stay underwater forever.  “You’ve got my eyes and daddy’s lungs” ... she was so proud of that!

And without missing a beat, Wynter says, “And I’ve got daddy’s eyes and your lungs.”

Ahhh ... I love my children!

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