transportation unit

It’s that time of year ... time for the early schoolers to study the many types transportation we use.  {It seriously seems like only months ago that we were doing this field trip with Piper!}

In typical Wynter style, she was up at the crack of dawn ... this time dressed {in signature layers} and proudly announcing she was ready for her field trip!  So off we went ... mom, dad and Wynter ... no siblings allowed.  Which was actually pretty nice, we had a great time spending some one-on-one with little Wyntie and her classmates.

Anyhoo ... we drove to Kenosha to catch the Metra to Lake Forest.  Got a great seat on the double-decker and headed south.  Of course for the sake of schooling, we were advised to be pointing out all the buildings and architecture along the way ... but Wynter was most absorbed with watching the male mosquito dance his way across the window behind us.  {Did you know that the male mosquito does not have a proboscis, therefore can not suck your blood?  And that a proboscis is that little needle thing they put in your skin to suck your blood?  I didn’t until this morning.}

Back to the field trip ... so we arrive in Lake Forest to a beautiful, sunny morning.  Walk over to the infamous Egg Harbor Cafe for breakfast.  We sit with Ben and fam and chit-chat over pancakes {rainbow for Wynt}.

After breakfast, we head back towards the station area for a little bit of shopping before the train comes.  All the kids have been promised toys and are hyped up on m&m’s {which was the rainbow part of rainbow pancakes} ... so I let Curt partake in that activity while I check out Penny’s from Heaven ... a heavenly children’s boutique just happening to have a heavenly sale today!

Soon it’s time to catch the train back to Kenosha ... we’re lucky again to get a seat up top and settle in for the ride home.  Just one stop away from Kenosha, has us sitting there a little longer than usual.  Right outside our window we’re looking down at the conductor waving to the police car pulling into the stations parking lot.  “What’s happening?” Wynter asks.  Hmmmm, we’re not sure Wynt.  Then we see a man coming off the train and start being searched by the police.  “Why are they in that man’s pockets?” Wynter asks.  Hmmmm, we’re not sure Wynt.  “Why are they putting those things on that man’s hands?”  Hmmmm, we’re not sure Wynt.  “Why does he have to go in their car?”  Hmmmm, he must be getting a naughty ticket Wynter.  {She is very familiar with naughty tickets, as her daddy drives very fast and has alluded many a naughty ticket}.  So we finish a perfect study of the transportation unit with an arrest and drive to jail!

Thank you Wynter for spending the morning with us!

Click here for a few more photos of the field trip.

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