So we made it to Italy!  Yikes!!  The most kid {un}friendly flight crew in history!  My fault for not flying the friendly skies ... although we do have United on the way home, and also my advocate husband who told me he would’ve kicked some stewardess {booty}!!

After an hour or so delay on the runway, and a “can’t you keep those kids quiet” remark from large, tourist lady with inflatable pillow around her neck {okay, I just cracked myself up at that remark, but it’s true!}, and a baby that would NOT go to sleep ... “no sleep, no sleep” is all she’s saying as she looks like a drunken sailor ready to pass out.  Mama needs her sleep baby ... please go to sleep!!!  She finally fell asleep with 2 hours of the flight left.  Giving me a total of 6 hours of sleep 2 nights running!  We finally made it into Rome.

Awesome hotel!  Awesome weather {if you like it hot and you like hot, sweaty, crabby kids!}.  But seriously, you can’t go wrong in Rome.

Skye, the girls and I headed to our room, ordered some lunch and took a much needed nap.  When we woke up, we headed to the pool and Curt and Odinn arrived shortly after that.

We headed to the Spanish Steps area for dinner and a look around ... the weather had cooled down enough to enjoy.

This morning we overslept and ended up delaying our scheduled tour by an hour or so.  Then we headed to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.  If I get some time, I’ll try to put some photos up within the next few days.  I’ve added a post to my Broadway Paper blog, it’s got a crazy photo on it.  The kids were pretty hot and crabby and so done with touring.  We spent the afternoon at the pool and had a really nice dinner.

Tomorrow we’re visiting the Vatican and the day after that we’re looking at some Catacombs ... not sure what to expect there, but Curt’s all over it!

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