it's time to pot-Tay

Um, yeah ... that’s Hunter ... and it’s that time!  Not time to comb her crazy morning hair.  Not time to take away the multitude of nukies.  Time to pot-Tay on a big girl potty!

I seriously, seriously {I can’t stress enough how serious I am about this} wanted to wait until we got back from our trip to Europe this summer.  Who wants to drag a potty-training kid to the public toilets of Europe?  I’ve been in ‘em and they ain’t pretty {not to mention sanitary!}.

Or should I admit that I just don’t want to give up diapers yet.  Giving up diapers means I’m one step further out of ‘baby’ land ... and while I {seriously} know I don’t want to go into baby land {again} ... I’m not 100% certain I want to leave it quite yet ...

{P.S.  if she’s the one asking to go potty ... I suppose I shouldn’t fight it?}

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