a rolls royce saturday

Curt’s been having a blast driving his dad’s old 1922 Rolls around town!  He’s picked the girls up from school the last couple of days, and this morning we took it over to Armstrong park to meet up with Marta and her family.

The girls love driving it around, and I think some of the people in Racine get a kick out of it too!  Curt’s assistant got a call the other day asking if it was Curt out with his girls ... that it reminded her of when Sam used to drive it around town, and it was a sweet sight for her to see.  The horn even goes ... ArUgah!!

The girls were getting hot at the picnic {read crabby!}, so we brought them home to go swimming.  We took Bailee with us too and they all had a great time.  It was a great day for it ... until the storms set in!  :(

Click here for more photos from the day.

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