my friend marta

The strongest person you will *ever* meet!  Marta was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a month ago.  She’s undergone a double mastectomy, then when she found out a week later the skin on one side died, she needed to have that side redone.

She has been amazing ... a shining star really.  She laughs about being lopsided and how their toilet paper bill has risen since she’s taken to stuffing her bra.  She is not fearful of losing her hair or undergoing chemo.  She proudly wears dipping sweaters {note the cleavage!} and isn’t afraid to be in a swimsuit this summer.  I honestly think the only thing I’ve heard her complain about is missing her Canada trip {think Exuma in November Marta!!}

Her good friend Sharese had an excellent idea to throw a ‘hattitude’ party for her and I was all over it.  Tracie = Party!  We had about 50ish women celebrating this amazing person we call friend.

I’m constantly amazed at her positive attitude, her smile and her grace.  I love you friend!

Click here to see photos from her party.  And visit this link to follow Marta’s story.

I *just* received a note from a friend about Marta as I’m working on this and I have to share {Amy, I hope you don’t mind}:

“Marta has such a wonderful shine in her eyes that seems to be filled with strength and love.  She is an inspiration.”

OH!  and P.S., thank you Brigitte for helping me take photos!!

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