jasper's back!!

Things didn’t quite work out with Elliot.  His health rapidly deteriorated once we brought him home ... to the point that he now needs to be retired.  It was a rough time for Taylor to go through, especially given that she had made the tough decision to sell Jasper.

But, once we realized the problems with Elliot, we decided to bring Jasper back from training and give him another try.  The trainer did an awesome job with Jasper and Taylor was super happy with the results.  It’s still going to take a lot of work for her to keep him “trained” and his mind busy {otherwise he can get quite sassy}, but hopefully she’ll stay on him.

Last summer was spent at multiple horse shows and camps ... this summer, it was actually a blessing that we were not that busy.  In fact, Taylor hadn’t participated in anything.

Because I had to work this summer, it really was a blessing that Taylor wasn’t scheduled to participate in anything.  If she were, I’m not quite sure how I would’ve balanced that.  Just another example of how the big Guy is watching out for us.

Anyway, RCPC camp was last weekend and Taylor decided to give it a try with Jasper.  They had some issues to work out.  And also some jumping things to work out ... she hadn’t jumped him in over 2 months, this was going to be the first time.  Camp went really well {overall}.  She did have some rough spots, but was able to work through them.

Curt had taken the little girls all up to the lake for the weekend, so I had the weekend at home to spend with Taylor {and get caught up on a few things here and there}.  It was great fun taking photos of her again ... I had really missed that.  You can check them out here.  And while you’re on her site, check out some of the other stuff from last year.  The Kentucky photos are especially cool ... if I say so myself.  :)

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