best teacher award

I’ve been meaning to post this forever, but just haven’t had a chance {thank you Nellie for scanning for me!}.

This is Piper’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Steig ... isn’t this the sweetest picture ever?  Probably because Mrs. Steig is the sweetest teacher ever ... well, and Piper is the sweetest kindergartner {soon-to-be first grader} ever ... well, besides Taylor who was a pretty sweet kindergartner.  And then of course, I’m sure Wynter and Hunter will be pretty sweet kindergartners ... okay, can I be done being fair to all of my kids who might ever read this post and ask why theyweren’t the sweetest ever??

Taylor had Mrs. Steig for kindergarten, and I loved her so much.  She was the only teacher I ever cried leaving her class {when school was out for the summer} and then got all teary-eyed again at the end of this school year.

I had requested that Piper would get her and I know I’ll do the same for the other two girls when it’s their turn.  She is the most caring, soft spoken, loving teacher I think you’ll ever meet.  She has a way of making each child feel absolutely treasured and her most important priority.  I envy that quality on some days ...


Mrs. Steig wanted to get together with Piper over the summer ... and Piper was beside herself excited!!  Mrs. Steig picked her up and took her on a ‘playdate’ to Chuck E. Cheese.  Piper had an awesome, awesome time!

How cool is that?  Thank you Mrs. Steig for another great memory!

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