heaven {in the form of 3 brothers}

For her 13th birthday, Curt got Taylor six awesome tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in concert.

She was beside herself excited!  That is until she received an email from the fan club stating that the boys were holding auctions for a meet & greet before some of their concerts.

Taylor somehow convinced Curt to start bidding on the auction ... we tried 3 different states and were outbid for all of them.

Then they opened the auction to the Chicago crowd {the concert Taylor already had tickets to}.  Curt started his bidding ... and left for Alaska.  He knew if he left it in my hands, I’d get all caught up in the moment and bid like a crazy woman, so he put a max bid on it and I couldn’t go any higher than that.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about it, he won the bid!  Taylor was absolutely crazy excited!

She took Amanda and Ana with ... we had a limo ride down ... it was at Tinley Park.  Pretty cool place, I hadn’t been there before.

The proceeds for the auction went to a charity that Nick {Jonas} started himself to help children with Juvenile Diabetes ... Change for the Children Foundation.

So we finally make it inside the concert gates with a billion young, adoring fans ... and find the line with about 500 other meet & greet guests!  Fortunately, with the donation we made {won}, we had a contact number of someone to call, who came and got us and put us third in line to meet ‘the boys.’ ... so that was pretty cool.  We saw their dad come out and talk to the people in line behind us {sounded like they were old buddies}.

And then it was our turn to meet them.  And lickety-split, it was over.  And Taylor was crying.  Oh my ... she’s got it bad!

She wrote Nick a letter, gave him her picture and phone number and was convinced he was going to call.

Actually, last night she found a phone number and has been texting it and is sure that it’s Nick’s.  The guy signs off as -Nick.  But really, how many people sign their texts?

But you know what?  I love these boys!  And I pray that Taylor {when the time comes} meets someone just like them.  At least from what the press portrays of them.

During the concert, their mom was rocking out off the side of the stage.  Their dad came out and introduced them.  During one song, their younger brother Frankie {otherwise known as the ‘bonus Jonas’} came out and played the tambourine with the boys.  They all wear purity rings.  Nick’s been quoted as saying his favorite book is the Bible.  And Taylor informed me today that the boys are known to be praying for their future wives.

It’s a son-in-law made in heaven!

You can see photos of the concert here.

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