Just a shout out to my superhero ... Curt.

I had the girls photos taken yesterday morning at the house, and I was fortunate to have the lovely and talented Christine Plamann take them.  See a sneak peek here.

The girls were super troopers and the last shots consisted of these awesome superhero capes.  It was near lunch time when we finished and Curt was anxiously standing by waiting to take them to Chuck E. Cheese.  Have I mentioned how much he loves to have photos taken?  Yeah, I think I did ...

Anyway, I got caught up saying good-bye to Christine {and bending her ear for some photography tips}, when I see Curt pulling out of the driveway with the girls.

I spent the next hour or so cleaning up the pre-photo tornado that hit and waiting for them to get home.

My heart swelled when I saw them all walk in the door.  My girls were all wearing their capes ... with ... gymnastic bodysuits {complete with little undies hanging out the sides} and boots.  Curt was explaining that there were some boys there giving the girls a hard time about how they were dressed.  The girls didn’t care.  And neither did Curt.  And neither do I.

I’ve never been one to care too much about how they’re dressed {unless of course there’s a photo shoot at stake!}.  They go to church dressed up in fairy costumes, go to school in pajamas, and Chuck E. Cheese in capes.

I just thought it was precious to see this dad hanging out with his little superheros ... and for that, you’re my superhero!

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