playground & a picnic

Hunter and I had a great Tuesday morning together.  We started out at the library for ‘story time’ ... only to find out we were an hour early!  So we walked to the furniture store where I had previously scoped out a sofa {calling out to me for my new office} ... only to find out they didn’t open til 10:00!

I sweetly asked a woman who was sweeping outside the store if it was possible to browse before they opened and she let me in!  Yay for her, as she got a good sale out of it!  :)
I’m super excited to have picked the color palette for my new digs!

Then ... we walked back to the library, only to find every toddler in Racine at story time!  It was hot and crowded and loud and Hunter was pretty uninterested.  {me too ...}

Then a quick stop at Moxie Child for some photo props {hat & socks for my friends little preemie twins} ... and off to meet Amy & Mallory at the playground for a picnic and some playtime.

I had told Hunter we were meeting them and she was so excited, it surprised me and it was super cute!  She kept saying, “I so happy!”

See some photos here.

{sidenote: Hunter apparently doesn’t care for Hello Kitty as much as Dora.  As she every-so-boldly peed all over that poor kitty tonight!}

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