packers vs. cowboys

We had a great time at the Packer game.  Thanks Mark, Brigitte, Tiffany, Jon, Amy, and Ryan for joining us.

The excitement started when we flew into Green Bay and saw the Cowboys plane.  Followed by the sighting of Jay-Z!  Seriously, think about that ... Jay-Z in Green Bay.  Never spotted Jessica though ...

We drove over to the stadium and spotted a cheese curd vendor.  Luckily, Amy has the same attraction to fried cheese as I do, so she was all over it.  Turns out some guy bought them for her and let her skip in line and we were in curd heaven!

We headed over to the stadium, got inside and proceeded to walk around the entire stadium trying to find our suite!  We finally found it, ate tons of food, watched a good game {despite the fact they lost}, and chatted with friends.

I call it a successful evening.  You can see some photos here.

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