mother's day

We took the girls out of school early on Friday to get down to Chicago in time for dinner.  A tad crazy for the six of us to find seats on the train, so Curt and I ended up sitting on the floor.  We had a great “snack guy” that was entertaining the kids ... so between him and movies on the ipod, we made it down in no time!

When we arrived, we went straight to dinner for some deep dish pizza.  45 minutes later the pizza arrived the kids were pretty much no longer interested in “the food that Chicago is most famous for.”  We made it to the hotel way past bedtime, but had some popcorn and movies anyway.  Dad agreed to put the little girls to bed while Taylor and I hit Michigan Ave for some shopping!

Curt spoiled us with a great suite at the Peninsula and really comfy beds!  The next morning we woke and went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then got ready for a day of touring the city.

First we went to the aquarium ... always a good time.  Although, newly aged teenager said it was boring!  She kept busy texting with her friends.  We saw all the fun fish stuff and then got super excited when we saw the sign for the 4D Sponge Bob show.  Which was not recommended for kids under 4.  I needed to ask and make sure I saw that correctly ... yes, highly recommended that kids under 4 do not see this show.  I was told they’ve seen many a 2 year old immediately leave the theatre after the show had started.  But I was certain MY two year old wouldn’t apply.  This is the same girl that watches SpyKids 3D!  What’s an upgrade to 4D have to do with it?!?  Well ... I didn’t exactly think that a stick would come out of the back of your chair and poke you, or water squirt in your face from the chair back in front of you, or the whole seat would shake you around, or air would blow from behind you and freak you out!  Sure enough, the show hadn’t been on for more than 2 minutes and my two year old was demanding to leave the theater.  Mine and ten others, whose parents obviously thought they weren’t raising wimps either!

After our Sponge Bob experience, we made our way to lunch ... a cute little restaurant where we were seated out on a balcony and overlooked part of the aquarium and we even had a bowl of goldfish to munch on!

We went back to the hotel for Hunter’s nap and some down time.  Then off to the Planetarium ... it was a quick stop, as I think we were all a little tired and not too interested in the skies over Africa (but in a really boring way).  Poor Piper was devastated when we were leaving, as she thought it was daddy’s favorite thing ever and that he would be sad we were leaving.

After that, we had dinner (YUM) at the Grand Luxe.  A quick walk and souvenir at the Disney Store and then a horse carriage ride around a few blocks of the city.

Sunday morning we woke up and were supposed to have brunch at the hotel restaurant at 10:30.  We usually eat breakfast at 7, so 10:30 was quite a stretch for us.  What was I thinking?  We ordered a quick room service meal of fruit and cereal, and as we were eating I asked who wanted to go home ... turns out we all did.  We quickly checked the train schedule, found out we needed to pack up and high-tail it to Union Station and hop our train home.  We made it home around 11:30 and somehow in time for lunch.  Taylor and I went to Mequon to look at a new horse for her (long story!!) and then met Curt at his sister’s house for a mother’s day dinner with his family.

Those were our events this weekend, of which I am very thankful.  But I would also like to thank God for the blessings he’s given to me.  My four girls ... and even my fifth baby girl that isn’t with us (but that I pray we will meet someday).  I thank God for Curt ... for what an awesome father and husband he is.  I thank God for the opportunities He’s given me ... the bad and the good.  And I thank God that I’ve been able to open my eyes to be aware of all the blessings around me.

I am blessed ...

Click here to view photos of our weekend.

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