who doesn't love a butt shot?

We spent Memorial weekend in Exuma with the Stuart fam and had an awesome time!

The girls loved playing with Jack, although I think Jack loved playing with them more!  It was great fun watching him come out of his shell and into the wildness I call my children.

Curt has instilled such a spirit of adventure in these children ... my little starfish seekers, frog hunters, lizard catchers and nature lovers.  We are blessed to be in situations and surroundings that nurture this adventure in our children and I truly enjoyed seeing another child get captured by the beauty of nature.

I love everything about Exuma ... I have seriously considered taking a sabbatical there with my family.  It truly is a paradise and time somehow slows when we arrive.

One of my favorite things is the outdoor shower ... if you haven’t had an outdoor shower, it is a must-do before you leave this earth!  I got the shot above while taking our last outdoor shower before heading home.  I smile when I look at it ...

Click here for more photos of our trip.

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