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Oh what I wouldn't do to look this hip when I'm a tad older. Skinny jeans? I can't pull 'em off now ... sigh ...

Lauren Hutton ... hats off to you girl! Way to rock my J.Crew world!


Amy Schaal said...

I ordered this outfit, sans necklace, and ended up returning the shirt. I can't rock the pants quite like her either, but the shirt looked silly on me!

Amy Schaal said...

Oh, and you can pull of anything!

brigitte Short said...

Hmm..yeah...I don't think my calf would fit thru the thigh part of the jeans. Skinny jeans are only in my dreams :) Maybe I can order the shirt, have Amy wear the jeans, I wear the shirt and Tracie, I think you can get away wearing both!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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