tiny tim ... the turtle

Madness ensues as I'm packing and trying to get the girls settled for granny's visit. How is it you never realize how crazy your life is until you have to explain it to someone else?

CJ and I are headed out of town for an long weekend ... can't wait ... we really need to refresh our marital souls.

Here's a little something to brighten up your day ... Not sure I'll be posting while I'm gone {maybe a preview of the photo session I did yesterday}, so I'll see ya next week!


Sue said...

Enjoy! You both deserve it!!!

BTW, I loved the movie Fireproof!

heather said...

Jack used to sing that song all the time...too cute!!!!

Have a great trip!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Mahke said...

Have fun and enjoy!

Nicole said...

I loved the mini-movie! It was so precious.

Have fun on your trip! Get a lot of R&R!

brigitte Short said...

OMGoodness...too funny, Julia has been singing this song for 2 days now. Said that it was "Mr. Johnson"that taught her this song...on a bus trip???

So sweet..you baby girl is growing up.
Enjoy your trip.

Tiffany said...

Bring back some warmer weather, would ya?! I tried to see the video, but it says it is no longer available? Hope you have an extra superdee duperdee trip! Uh, does Barney say that?! Sorry, I haven't had my fill of coffee yet this morning.