what a day!

Hunter is finally a beach baby!!  She loved it and we couldn’t get her out.  The tide was low and she walked from one beach to the other.

We all walked over to the other beach and when we got there, Kirsten & Terrie found something suspect in the water.  They touched it with a shell and it “inked.”  Then we couldn’t find it again.  Just as we were leaving, they found it.  Curt was playing around with it trying to figure out what it was and it inked again ... purple everywhere!  I wish I could get more than one photo on the blog ... Turns out it was a sea cucumber.  The kids had a great time with that one!

After lunch, the ladies went over to the Four Seasons for some spa treatments .... ahhhhhh ...

While I was “relaxing” in the relaxation room, I get a weird call from Taylor.  I asked if they were staying out of trouble.  Kind of was the reply, but she would tell me later.  We drove home and were met with pretty much everyone at the front step waiting to tell us what happened.

Turns out Curt was taking some of the kids down to the beach to fly a GIANT nemo kite (pix to come later).  He had Piper, Taylor, Hunter, Ana, Kirsten, Christina & Emily in the trunk of the van, still parked in the garage.  The kids left the trunk open and as Curt was backing out of the garage, the trunk hit the top of the garage door and shattered the glass everywhere on top of the kids.  Most were basically okay.  Piper was freaking out, but she really got the worse of it.  She has one gouge that is pretty deep and then a bunch of little cuts all over her legs.  Ana protected the baby, so she barely has any.  The other girls have scrapes and cuts over their legs.

I think the baby may be a bit traumatized ... every time we walk past the area, she takes my hand, says “c’mon mama” and whispers “glass.”

Yikes!  Any stress that was massaged away, came back in an instant ....

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