our baby turned two!!

Hunter’s actually trying to smile in this picture ...

I took off work and kept her home from school today.  I also kept Wynter home from school, which left Taylor and Piper claiming how unfair life is ... Get used to it ladies!!

The reason I kept Wynter home?  Before she started school, I had Tuesday and Thursday’s off of work.  Tuesday we had kindermusik classes, but Thursday’s we always took a “field trip” (and then with Hunter once she was born).  We often visited the museums in Milwaukee ... the children’s museum, public museum, and discovery world.  So when I told Hunter we were going to the museum for her birthday (which has been a birthday tradition with the girls), Wynter innocently asked “can I go to the museum?”  It tugged on my heart strings, so I gave in and brought her along.

Piper had a field trip today at school (and saddled daddy into going along), so she had a nice day planned anyway.  And Taylor ... she gets off plenty for stuff (i.e., upcoming Rolex event in Kentucky!).  So no feeling sorry for them, ya hear?

We took everyone to Stonefire Pizza this evening and had a fun time.  Her family party is on Saturday, so she’ll get another celebration.

Click here for photos ....

Happy Birthday my littlest blessing!

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