guess who?

This weekend was a busy one ... also Taylor’s birthday weekend, which is officially tomorrow.

Taylor and I started out on Friday morning with Terrie and drove up to Appleton for the Unlimited Women’s conference that was through my church.  Candace Cameron and Lisa Bevere were the speakers.  It was afabulous conference!  I was so happy to have Taylor there with me.  Sue drove up after school with Ana, Kirsten, and Christina.  They arrived in time for dinner and the evening service on Friday.  We celebrated Taylor’s birthday that night with cupcakes and balloons in their hotel room.

Saturday morning we had some workshops and then the morning service with Candace.  Unfortunately, Terrie, Sue, Christina, and Kirsten needed to head back to Racine for soccer games.  Taylor, Ana and I went to lunch and the afternoon service before heading to the Dells for a night at the waterpark.

My mom, and my aunt were also at the conference and we were able to have dinner with them on Friday and lunch on Saturday ... it was fun to spend time with them too.

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