skiing | the end

We’re heading home today.  We had an awesome three days of sun!  Pretty much the only sun Aspen has seen at all this winter ... how blessed are we?

Yesterday was a great day (I have extremely sore calves to prove it!) ... Wynter ended up being able to ride up to the top of the mountain and we all spent the morning skiing together.  We were over at Buttermilk, instead of Snowmass.  It was just so cool to be skiing along with the girls on the big mountains.  Taylor and Ana ditched us pretty quick to go through some tree trails ...

Taylor & Ana enjoyed the day on skis and got around a lot better.  They are going to do a little boarding this morning before we leave.

Piper & Wynter both got pretty sick, some meds have them a little better this morning.  Wynter had ended up with pink eye and Piper was burning up and coughing like a seal.

We are all looking forward to going home to see our Huntie and little Pebbles!

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