daddy & mommy take a break

For Christmas this past year, I gave Curt a long weekend away to a new resort outside of San Diego called The Grand Del Mar.

This is the weekend we decided to make a break for it.  It’s always so good for us to do this for ourselves.  The kids have a great time with Granny and we get to have a great time with each other.

The weather isn’t great .... I realize it’s better than at home, but still 51(ish) degrees isn’t quite what we were hoping for!  We had a good workout session yesterday morning with some spa services to follow.  Some room service lunch (Curt had major order envy!!) and late afternoon we went to an outdoor mall for some shopping, dinner and a movie.  We saw Jumper, which we both enjoyed.

This morning is pretty much the same as yesterday morning and this afternoon/night we may go to Old Town San Diego for a look around and some dinner.

Tomorrow ... back to reality and our little blessings we left at home.

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